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WORSHIP: Worship at Community Mennonite Church is part of a weekly rhythm for the participants. It is fairly casual and laid-back. Community Mennonite Church has regular, routine ways of doing worship, and that is comfortable. However, CMC is also open to change, new ideas, and discovering different ways to encounter God.

THE ROLE OF WORSHIP LEADER: At Community Mennonite Church, the role of the Worship Leader is to lead the congregation into a worshipful space. The worship leader acts as a host of the service. The worship leader will find resources, people and words that will allow each stage to flow into the next, announcing when necessary. Most of all, the worship leader invites the community to be present, and to meet God in both old and new ways. Through the words and actions of calls to worship, prayers, offerings, confessions, responses, and benedictions, the worship leader crafts and facilitates the order of the worship service.


1. Plan & shape the service and lead the congregation in worship on Sunday morning. Below is our typical order of worship. The typical responsibilities of the worship leader are in bold print. Although this is our typical order, feel free to use this as a springboard to inspire new ideas. Perhaps one Sunday, you’d like to put the offering as part of the response. Go for it! Maybe you have an idea for something else that is not included. Silence? Confession? Dancing?! Holy Inspiration is a great way to engage the congregation in new ways and is a witness to the Creative Spirit within God and within us.

Order of Service:


Prelude (Song leader)

Welcome, Call to Worship & Opening Prayer

Gathering Songs (Song leader)

Offering (Worship Leaders responsibilities: find ushers, offertory invitation & prayer, communicate with song leader about music)


Children's Time (for WL to prepare or find someone else to lead)

Scripture (Great place to include others)



Response Activity (optional – be creative & be in conversation with speaker)

Song of Response

Sharing of Joys and Concerns & Prayer



Closing Song


2. Facilitate communication with others involved in worship. During the week before the service (if not before), contact the pastor, or other people involved verifying that details/ideas/people are all in place. The week of the service, send out the order of worship to the song leader, speaker, storyteller, sound person, ushers (for offering), or anyone else involved in the service.

3. Bulletin: At this time, we are not regularly printing a bulletin. If you would like to include a bulletin in the service, please either create and print one on your own, or communicate with the Enrichment Coordinator well ahead of time to coordinate.

4. PowerPoint: More and more at Community Mennonite Church we are using PowerPoint as a visual aid during worship. It is helpful to project the theme of the service, the song numbers and the scripture passages. The easiest way to find the scripture is by using https://www.biblegateway.com. At this site you can enter the scripture passage and the preferred Bible Translation. If you would like to use PowerPoint, please either prepare the PowerPoint on your own computer and bring your own laptop to the service or be in communication with the Enrichment Coordinator to make other arrangements. Communication with others involved in the service is important so that the PowerPoint presentation can be put together ahead of time. As well, communication is necessary among the worship team members to decide who will forward the slides during the service.

RESOURCES FOR PLANNING: Sometimes it helps to get the creative juices flowing by looking at resources. From worship services to artwork, calls to worship, and offering prayers, here are some useful places to start gleaning ideas:

MC Canada Resource Centre: Check out Mennonite Church Canada’s Resource Centre. There are books, readings, plays, posters, ideas galore! Most resources you can sign out, and The Resource Centre will send it to you for free. Some resources are available for download, as well. http://resources.mennonitechurch.ca/Home

MCEC Resources: Check out Mennonite Church Eastern Canada – they have some great resources on this website too. http://www.mcec.ca/rc/Home

The CMC Cupboard: The large cupboard at the back of Parkview Auditorium belongs to Community Mennonite church. There is a modest library of books there, with lots of worship resources. Feel free to peruse and borrow anything you might find helpful.

Hymnals: The Mennonite Hymnal (Blue book), Sing the Journey (Green book) and Sing the Story (purple book) all have resources in the back.

Online: There are many other websites online, from our (and other) denominations that have great ideas for services. Here are some other great sites:







http://www.leaderonline.org/worship/ (Password changes regularly. Contact Worship Committee for current login information)

Song Leading Resource

Worship: Worship at Community Mennonite Church is part of a weekly rhythm for the participants. It is fairly casual and laid-back. Community Mennonite Church has regular, routine ways of doing worship, and that is comfortable. However, CMC is also open to change, new ideas, and discovering different ways to encounter God.

The Role of Song Leader:  At Community Mennonite Church, the role of song leader is to prepare and lead music that contributes to the worship experience. This is done in consultation with the Worship leader, speaker, pastor, other musicians, or whomever else might be involved in planning and leading the worship service. The music chosen should reflect our Anabaptist theology. As well, please choose music from a variety of styles that reflect the different ages, musical preferences and spiritual styles in the congregation.  

Responsibilities:  In a typical CMC worship service, it is the song leader’s responsibility to organize the prelude music and choose the gathering songs (usually 2 songs), offertory, song of response and closing.  Some of these musical selections are congregational singing, but others may be special music or recorded music played through the sound system. It is important to be in touch with the worship leader and/or pastor to check if there are any changes to the order of worship or other special instructions. If you are planning on playing music over the sound system, please let the sound person know ahead of time.

Young Children:  Please include one song keeping in mind younger children in our congregation. A basket with hand percussion instruments can be found in the church cupboard. 

Including Others:  We are blessed to have a number of musicians in our congregation who can be asked to contribute musically in worship. Please keep in mind, that these musicians will need time to prepare. A list of potential instrumentalists can be seen above.

Resources: Mennonite Hymnal Worship Book, Sing the Story, Sing the Journey, Songs & Prayers from Taize  (copies of all songbooks in church cupboard)

We also have permission to use any of Bryan Moyer Suderman’s songs, SmallTall music.       

Sound Technician Resource

The Role of Sound Technician in Worship: Being a sound technician is an important roles at Community Mennonite Church on a Sunday morning. Although sound technicians are not usually included in worship planning, how worshippers experience worship is influenced by how well they can hear. It’s the sound technician’s job (to the best of his/her ability with our current equipment) to make sure everyone can hear during worship.


• Arrive 9:15am and set-up sound equipment.

• The key to the sound cabinet is found in the upper left and corner of our cupboard in the kitchen. If the cupboard is locked, both the set-up people and Leah/Marv have keys to both the kitchen and the cupboard.

• Set up microphone.

• During the worship service, adjust the sound levels as needed.

• After the service, the microphone can be left out for the Parkview evening service, simply lock up sound cabinet.

Greeter Resource

Community Mennonite Church of Stouffville, ON

The Role of Greeter: Being a greeter is one of the most important roles at Community Mennonite Church on a Sunday morning. Although greeters are not usually included in worship planning, how worshippers (visitors and regular attendees) experience worship is influenced by their first encounter at the door.Your role is crucial for people visiting our congregation. It is the greeter’s role to welcome visitors, orient them to the building and make sure that they feel comfortable. For regular attendees, it’s important to greet everyone individually so they feel part of the worshipping community.

Responsibilities as greeter:

  • Please be ready to welcome others at 9:15.
  • Please stay at the back until 9:40 to greet latecomers as well.
  • Greet everyone warmly with a smile.
  • Hand them a bulletin or other materials, if applicable.
  • For visitors: make sure they know where to hang up coats, the location of the bathrooms, nursery (if they have young children), and indicate where they may sit.
  • For regular attendees, take time to greet everyone. Please keep in mind; this is not the time to have a conversation. If needed give a gentle reminder that you are the greeter for the morning and suggest another time to continue the conversation.
  • Once the service has started, please be on the look-out for latecomers who may need songbooks or if getting out extra chairs is needed.


Introduction to Role: As a small congregation choosing to rent a facility on Sunday mornings, the role for set-up and cleanup is extremely important. We are being good stewards by sharing this regular task together. Although those on set-up and cleanup are not usually included in Sunday school and worship planning, basic set-up and cleanup each Sunday facilitates both the Sunday school and worship experience. Thanks for doing your part as part of the CMC community.

Set-up Tasks before Worship

• Unlock kitchen door

• Unlock white closet door, find key for sound system (hanging upper left) open sound cabinet

• Unlock boardroom

• Unlock church office/nursery

• Set out signs 

• Leave 2 stacks of chairs at back if needed for visitors

• Set out hymnals and songbooks (check with song leader to see which ones are needed)

• Pull out worship table

• Put out an extra table at back door for bulletins, basket of offering envelopes, MCC flyers etc.

Clean-up Task After Worship:

• Collect hymnals and songbooks and put them away

• Bring in signs from outside

• Put worship table away

• Make sure screen and blinds are up if they were used during the worship service

• Lock up closets, kitchen, church office (nursery)

• Make sure chairs are neat (8 rows deep, 6 chairs on each side)

• Check for any garbage and dispose of it

Directions to Parkview Village

Church Services: 9:30 am