New Beginnings by Gord Alton

With September come new beginnings. Children enter new classes at school; some attend school for the first time. Our youth return to high school while many young adults head off to college and university. For adults, it’s a time when we start continuing education courses, exercise clubs, sports leagues, or interest groups. As parents, we register our children for extra-curricular activities such as music, sports, and children’s clubs. During these times of new beginnings, have you considered exploring a church so that your family’s spiritual needs could be met?

What are your family’s spiritual needs? Children need to hear stories that teach values based on love and truth. A child’s imagination desires an over-arching God-story that provides a helpful way to face the many complexities of life. Youth require a positive peer group and setting where they can explore and discover that God is real. Young adults want a safe place to doubt and question their parents’ faith so that they can develop their own Christian faith. As adults, we need a faith community where our various spiritual desires can be nurtured. For some, our yearning is to understand God more fully through studying Bible and Christian theology, but also through investigating insights from science, psychology, and other religions. For others, we want to deepen our experience of God through worship, music, practicing different forms of prayer, or being part of intentional spiritual friendships. Still others seek ways to advance God’s Kingdom through promoting justice, peacemaking and serving others. If these spiritual needs resonate for you, it’s time for you and your family to seek out a church.

If you do, please explore our church for this fall is a time of new beginnings for us also. Starting Sunday September 8, we will be worshipping in a new location--Parkview Village Auditorium. This setting gives us the flexibility we need to be a contemporary Christian Church. Furthermore, starting Thursday evening September 19, a monthly forum titled "The Cutting Edge" will commence. This is a setting for "outside the box" type thinkers to investigate magazine articles or book chapters on ideas relevant to the Christian faith. This group is open to both Christian and spiritual seeker alike. Our first forum will be on the book, Why God Won’t Go Away, a neurological assessment of the brain and its activity when God is experienced. For further information, please email or phone.

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