Denise and Tony's wedding shower

Sat. Oct. 22nd – 7:30 pm: Everyone is welcome to attend a community wedding shower for Denise & Tony. The shower will be held at Willowgrove in the dining hall. Below is a note from Denise and Tony.

“ We are excited about the shower being planned for us - it is wonderful to be surrounded by a community that cares! While we will gratefully receive gifts that you bring, know that your presence is more important than your presents and you are welcome with or without a gift! If you do want to bring something, as well as miscellaneous gifts for our home, we would welcome the following alternatives: (i) notes / cards of support, (ii) money towards a Kitchen Aide mixer (we like to make our own things) and (iii) donations towards the homeless shelter that Denise works in (it is hard to receive so much personally when working with those whom have so little)”.

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