Meet our Pastor

Marv Friesen

Marv Friesen, Pastor

I was privileged to grow up on a fruit farm in Jordan, Ontario, where as a child I was able to explore hills, valleys, streams and all the wonders of God’s creation. I was also privileged to be raised in a household in which a shared faith in the way of Jesus was of central importance. My home congregation, Vineland United Mennonite Church, was a wonderful nurturing community that affirmed my calling into ministry.

I studied at Canadian Mennonite Bible College (now Canadian Mennonite University) where I graduated with a Bachelor of Theology degree. Further studies took me to Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary where I received a Master of Divinity degree. As part of my graduate studies our family spent a year living on the south side of Chicago where I participated in an urban ministry training program funded and coordinated by a consortium of a dozen or so denominations.

With these tools for equipping I have engaged in pastoral roles in rural Manitoba, urban Chicago, small town Vineland, inner-city Hamilton, Maritime New Brunswick, University town State College, PA, and now here at Community Mennonite in this interim role.

I am exceedingly grateful for the friends along the journey, being invited into the stories that shaped their lives, and for a deepening faith in the One who invites us to follow and journey forward by the light of the Spirit’s leading.

These days I am especially grateful to be invited into conversations of faith in our post-Christendom world – where important questions are being asked regarding what we believe, who we are called to be, and how we live out our deepest held convictions in community with integrity, love and grace.

Please join us as we immerse ourselves in community committed to the way of Jesus.

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