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Don't Bring Your Horse to Church You may have wondered, “What happened to the Mennonites?” They may not be as easy to spot as you think. By Pastor Cameron Kaufman-Frey

Who Me? A Mennonite? Have you ever considered becoming a Mennonite? Me neither, at least, not until lately. By Teresa Veltman

Protesting in Memory of Whitchurch-Stouffville’s Contribution to Conscientious Objection On the morning of June 16 a crowd gathered on Main Street in Stouffville. They had come to see a parade to honour the Govenor General’s Horse Guard (GGHG). Some people wore red and white to show their patriotism, but some wore red and white for another reason. By Pastor Cameron Kaufman-Frey

An Article about Mennonites In my pastoral travels, people are always surprised to learn that I am Mennonite. I do not fit the common Mennonite image of plain clothes and riding horse and buggy. By Gord Alton

Exiled in Markham Did you know that last month there was a refugee camp on the Ninth Line, as well as landmines and armed rebels? Fifty-three high school age youths can tell you all about it. By Denis Taylor

Reflections on Mennonite History My church and coincidentally my family, are celebrating two centuries in the Markham- Stouffville area. Families moved to the roadless forest of huge trees. They had hand tools and farm animals and one Bible. In Pennsylvania the settlement and the church had prospered over eighty years. So why the move to the Markham wilderness? By Harold Reesor

Mennonite World Conference For many who are not familiar with the more intricate bits of Anabaptist theology, the word “Mennonite” conjures up images of bonnet-wearing, black buggy-driving farmers who sure know how to cook. Any such remaining images in one’s mind would have been erased had one attended the Mennonite World Conference (MWC), which was held in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in August, 2003. By Ruth Plett


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Remembrance Day I always feel anxious around November 11. Images of dignified elderly men in uniform selling poppies, solemn Remembrance Day services and the two minutes of silence make me uncomfortable. What will I say if someone asks me why I don’t wear a poppy, or how my father or grandfathers served in the world wars? By Arlene Reesor

New Beginnings With September come new beginnings. Children enter new classes at school; some attend school for the first time. During these times of new beginnings, have you considered exploring a church so that your family’s spiritual needs could be met? By Gord Alton

Valentine's Day: Intimacy and Love On Valentine Day, we celebrate the experience of love. But, what is love? I find that the church and our culture often send conflicting understandings of love. Within the church, love is frequently defined in terms of commitment. By Gord Alton


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A Simple Christmas As we head into December and approach Christmas this year, I get a feeling in the pit of my stomach. I am not looking forward to this event. It’s not that I don’t like Christmas. The fact is I cannot stand the barrage of advertising and media-sponsored greed that occurs every December. By Michael Turman

Creating Space for Christmas I write this letter to encourage Stouffville residents to reflect upon their experience of Christmas. Are you happy with it? I ask this question because, each year, I struggle to practice my beliefs and values around Christmas. By Gord Alton

International Work

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Safety and Security I recently returned from a trip to Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. During this trip I spent some time considering the whole issue of safety, security and well being. We place a high value on these three in our lives, and for me it has been informative to look at those in the context of other cultural and social settings. By Menno Plett

A New Heart Beat On March 2nd 2004, George Ssegawa and I flew back to Uganda, ending a three-week visit to Canada. It was an interchange between Bukoto Catholic Parish and Community Mennonite Church of Stouffville organized by Richard and Carolyn Reesor. I found this trip to be a wonderful opportunity to live, discuss, pray, and share love and concerns between Catholics from Uganda and Mennonites in Canada. By Father Peter Paul Ssemakula

Malaria While living in Uganda this past winter, I came down with an illness. I experienced headache, fever, and chills. I assumed I had the flu and thought that with rest, I would get well soon. After a few days, I was still not feeling better. I mentioned my illness to my neighbour and he advised me to get a malaria test done. By Richard Reesor

The Stouffville Ghana Connection There’s a symbiotic relationship between Stouffville and the Northern region of Ghana you may not be aware of. Health care professionals, mostly from Stouffville and Uxbridge, have been providing medical care two weeks a year for the past five years to this impoverished area, and the Ghanaians provide the health team with gifts of food, warmth, gratitude and blessings. By Glenda de Vries

International Peace and Dignity I just finished watching the coverage of the inauguration of the forty-fourth President of the United States. Now that was an inspiring moment. Millions of people, if not billions, were watching around the world as Barack Obama pronounced “that America is a friend of each nation and every man, woman and child who seeks a future of peace and dignity.” His message stressed that the welfare of all people around the world is connected. This is something that people with a deep spirituality have known for a long time. A number of people who are part of our congregation have experienced this connection. By Pastor Cameron Kaufman-Frey

Concerns and Issues

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Town Council and Peace Churches Settle on Peace Plaque. On December 4, 2012 Town Council approved a request for a peace plaque commemorating the early pacifist settlers of Whitchurch-Stouffville. By Glenda de Vries

Town council considers Peace Site and Plaque to honor the conscientious objectors of the war of 1812. A task force was asked by the town council here Tuesday, May 15, to look into a proposal by the area’s peace churches to select a site and erect a plaque in honour of the founders’ conscientious objection to the War of 1812. By Dick Benner

God's Earth can still sustain us Global warming, contamination, air quality advisory… these are words of today. All is not well with God’s creation. Its current state warrants great concern. Depletion of the ozone layer, disappearing rain forests, melting polar ice caps, and –much closer to home– rapidly disappearing farm land. By Geralde Reesor-Grooters

Science and Religion During the 1970s I was regularly confronted with the view that science has the answer and religion is obsolete. However during the past 20 years I have observed a warming between science and religion, with many coming to a view that respects the complementary role of each. Why this change? Recognition that both science and religion have changed its views over time. By Bruce Syvret

Huron-Wendat Village in Stouffville it was awesome to be part of the annual Commemorative Service at the Altona Mennonite Meetinghouse, where Stouffville's founder is buried. Standing in a building built in 1852, I couldn't help noticing that it was so plain. Compared to Old Order Mennonite meetinghouses built more recently, it was austere. I thought about how difficult life was for our ancestors and yet what wonderful gifts they passed on to us. Because of their industrious and simple lifestyle, they were ableto build a strong community. That community now provides us a comfortable and enjoyable life. By Pastor Cameron Kaufman-Frey

Ten Thousand Villages Tainted milk in China has people talking. Usually the average person doesn't think much about international trade. But lately we've heard news, particularly from China, of tainted milk. This follows reports earlier this year unsafe toys. Suddenly we begin to wonder about products that come from overseas. By Pastor Cameron Kaufman-Frey

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